Saturday, 5 December 2009

Transphobia in the (Tory)Taxpayer's Alliance

The "Taxpayers Alliance", or should I say the "Torypayers Alliance" is made up of very rich people who pay a lower proportion of their incomes in tax than I do and in some cases no tax at all in the UK, but who donate a large proportion of their surplus cash to the Tory party.

Fiona McEvoy, of the West Midlands Taxpayers Alliance, has been complaining about the use of £1,000 of taxpayers' money to fund a training day for civil servants in Wolverhampton about transsexuals, as part of diversity training. I very much doubt that she would have complained if taxpayers money had been spent on diversity training for civil servants in dealing with black people, Asians or gay and lesbian people. So why is she getting her knickers in a twist about trans people?

I am a taxpayer, most of you are taxpayers. Including indirect taxation I probably pay over £10,000 a year in tax. Someone on average earnings will pay around £6,000 a year in direct and indirect taxes, depending on how much they drink, whether they smoke, if they drive a gas-guzzler, etc.

So the £30,000 transsexuals in the country should be paying around £180 million in tax every year. Include the non-transsexual trans people and you probably have a couple of Billion at least being contributed to the exchequer in tax by transgender people in the UK.

And the Torypayers Alliance is worried about £1000. I suspect that there is more to it than this and the Torypayers Alliance is deeply transphobic. I also suspect that they are campaigning to have Gender Reassignment Surgery removed from NHS funding since they seem to be digging up figures about the cost of GRS all over the place. If the Tories get in expect to have no access to GRS if you are poor...

However, Press For Change have done their maths for them. The cost of GRS to the NHS is, on average £9600. Sounds a lot but I pay for that every year (and, although I am not intending to have any surgery myeslf, I am happy to contribute to the funding of others' surgery). Once again, if you add up the £6,000 the average trans person is going to contribute to the exchequer over a 40-year working lifespan, you have nearly a quarter of a million pounds, more if they buy a house and pay stamp duty for example. Since a substantial proportion of transsexuals who are refused surgery either bcommitt suicide or are too traumatised to live useful working lives and as such become a greater burden on the NHS/social services, the £9600 suddenly looks like a really good investment. Just 2.5% of transsexuals' taxes will cover the cost of all GRS operations on the NHS.

The Torypayers Alliance will make a big deal of this, or their puppets in the Tory Party will, if the Tories are elected in May. The trans community needs to be ready to fight their transphobic hatred, bigotry and desire to rid this country of the diversity which we represent. These people are narrow-minded, bigoted bean-counters who hate people like us.

You have been warned.

Either the Torypayers Alliance is innumerate or they are a bunch of transphobic bigots who will use any excuse to attack trans people.

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  1. I think the very well would make a fuss over diversity training based on race and ethnicity - and probably do privately. They're attacking trans people because they perceive us to be vulnerable, but I would be shocked if they didn't consider ALL diversity to be wasteful.