Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Most Dishonest Politician

To be given the title "Most Dishonest Politician" is quite a feat these days; there is a lot of serious competition out there, however sometimes a particular politician rises to the occasion with levels of dishonesty which would shame Geoffrey Archer.

The posters sealed it for him; an airbrushed David Cameron, Photoshopped to look younger, slimmer, more athletic and less dodgy. However, this is only the tip of an iceberg of dishonesty which forms the basis of his own personal, and his party's fundamental existence.

Apart from the obvious visual dishonesty, Cameron's less than candid approach to his own financial situation was revealed in his interview during the Tory Party conference in the Autumn. When asked about his fortune, he was evasive, and claimed that he was unable to tell exactly. Pressed several times on this, he has never given a correct answer. This is perhaps understandable since he is reported to be worth something like £30 million pounds, most of which was unearned. This attempt to conceal his riches, subject to zero scrutiny by a supine and Tory-supporting media, stands in stark contrast to the way he presented himself as the politician who would 'clean up' politics. Perhaps his desire to conceal his wealth stems from the mortgage he is getting the taxpayer (us) to pay on his house in his constituency. Why does a man with 30 million pounds need to get the taxpayer to fund a huge mortgage on a house for him in Oxfordshire?

Using the opportunity, during the MP's expenses row, as cover for a not-so-subtle attempt to rig the voting system for the election after next (if he is elected), his "proposal" to reduce the number of MPs to 500, disguised as a "cleaning up" of politics is actually nothing to do with honesty and everything to do with disingenuous lies. His new system would simply deliver a built-in Tory majority, so that he could win any subsequent election with fewer votes than Labour. This is not a new broom, as he falsely trumpets, this is dirty, dishonest, underhand politics as usual.

Europe is where the Tories are the weakest and Cameron's "Cast Iron Guarantee" to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty has turned out to be forged from paper-mache; his consorting with racists and homophobes in Eastern Europe who celebrate atrocities committed by their own Quisling collaborators with the Nazis during world war two are an insult to people such as my grandfather, who fought and died fighting the Nazis. To claim that this bunch of fascists will help Cameron achieve any kind of influence in the EU is akin to claiming that black is white. The dishonesty goes on.

Cameron's "apology" to the LGBT community for his party's promoting of the notoriously homophobic "Section 28" needs to be seen in this light, consorting with homophobes behind our backs while telling the gay community that their votes are safe with them...

The dishonesty reached its zenith in recent months when Cameron deliberately tried to talk down the country's economic prospects. Although the UK is in no danger whatsoever of losing its AAA credit rating, Cameron has done all he can to try and give that impression. If anyone with any sense had believed him this could have seriously damaged the recovery the country is now experiencing. He is prepared to damage the UK's interests, such is his desperation to become Prime Minister. However it goes deeper than this; he is still perpetuating the lie to use as an excuse to slash public spending if he is elected. In fact his party is ideologically opposed to public spending (except defence) and this is just being used as a pretext to cut the police, schools, hospitals, universities, welfare, pensions and anything which helps the poor. The dishonesty runs deep in the Conservative Party. It is part of its DNA.

Of course no analysis of dishonesty in the Conservative Party would be complete without mention of their claims to represent newness, freshness and "change". In contrast to these claims, frequently made, and frequently glossed over by his friends in the media, any examination of their policies, especially their economic ones, shows that they are little more than recycled Thatcherism; a return to the policies which caused our social services to be run down, which resulted in mass unemployment, poverty wages and a very high crime rate. If the Tories get in this is what the next decade will have in store for the United Kingdom, a re-run of the 1980s. For David Cameron to claim that his policies represent a new start when one of his main ones is to repeal the ban on bloodsports beggars belief.

This list of his dishonesty is in fact too long to detail here but include the way he publicised the death of his son (note how Gordon Brown sought no publicity over his similar misfortune; this speaks volumes about the relative morals of these two people). Suffice to say that, in a field of intense competition, David Cameron, the politician with no principles, no substance and lots of PR wins by a furlong. Maybe the only thing worse than the dishonesty manifest by David Cameron is the free ride he has been given by the media. One expects the sycophantic treatment of him by the Daily Mail (although this is still not justified and effectively amounts to propaganda) but the lack of scrutiny given to him by the TV stations, most notably the BBC, amounts to collusion in his deception. God help us if he becomes Prime Minister.

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