Sunday, 27 February 2011

David Cameron is not the Prime Minister

Using language designed to portray him as Robin Hood, David Cameron is just a cleverly disguised Sheriff of Nottingham. Only the Sheriff of Nottingham never had what he has; a massive media machine to cover up his thieving.

When Jean Baudrillard wrote his provocative but insightful essay “The Gulf War Did Not Take Place.” after the liberation of Kuwait from Saddam’s forces, he did not mean that there had been no war, just that the events taking place there were not what they were presented as. One war later and we are just starting to find out what he meant.

Yet the ever-widening chasm between reality and our media-managed perceptions is no more graphically illustrated than in the persona of David Cameron, the PR man who likes to call himself Prime Minister. I have often wondered why, whenever I see him on the news, or at the despatch box, I simply do not get the feeling that he is actually the leader of this country. I don’t mean that he does not hold the official office of Prime Minister and occupy 10 Downing Street, but that he has never been, and never will be Prime Minister.

In contrast I didn’t feel the same even when Margaret Thatcher was in power. Destructive, disingenuous, dishonest and dangerous though her regime was (sort of Cameron-lite) one still always got the impression that she was trying, although quite obviously failing, to govern for the country. I have never felt this of David Cameron. David Cameron has never appeared to me as anything other than a gauleiter.

A gauleiter, the ruling figurehead of an occupying force. In this case the occupying force is

• the very wealthy upper classes,

• the large multinational conglomerations, casino banks and

• the manipulative, dishonest popular media, owned by right-wing billionaires.

Ruling in the interests of this narrow and increasingly powerful, self-appointed self-select few, David Cameron is the Quisling in their pay.

Using the language of all that this occupying force despises; freedom, equality and self-determination, he justifies policies which enforce servitude, privilege and domination. The Sheriff of Nottingham dressed in Lincoln green tights and carrying a bow and arrow. There can be no clearer illustration of this than the news that teachers’ and nurses’ pensions are to be cut to pay for huge and totally undeserved bonuses for bankers who are paid extra simply for failing slightly less badly than before. Given that, at least until last year, the education system and the NHS had both improved their performance substantially year-on-year, why are nurses and teachers not due a bonus? Because they are not part of the occupying force, of course.

Yet the only thing one cannot say about David Cameron is that he has “betrayed” the British people. Betrayal implies that he is, or was once, one of us. One of us he has never been, he has always been nothing more than the manifestation of an increasingly thin veneer of attempted legitimacy for his hyper-rich paymasters to hide behind whilst plundering all that is good in the UK.

The PR Prime Minister, providing PR for the hatchet-men and asset-strippers while they make their get-away with our money.
The Tories have always argued that “greed is good.” But the obscene levels of greed exhibited by the new Sheriffs of Nottingham as they appropriate the assets of the UK and are concentrating even greater wealth into an even smaller number of hands and hiding their plunder along with that of the drug cartels in offshore tax havens. As such the ordinary British people will be exploited, ripped-off and taken for a ride in the name of a manufactured economic crisis, a manufactured deficit, and told that everything they consider important, from the NHS to their children’s education must be sold off to pay the rich for the money they lost gambling to increase their indecent levels of opulence. The bankers will retire to yachts and Caribbean islands, teachers and nurses to poverty and unheated homes. Even now, as doctors, nurses, classroom assistants, teachers, lecturers and police officers lose their jobs, those who caused the problem are using our money to cause another silent genocide in the third world. Their engineered food price spike will take the food out of the bellies of already starving children in the teeming cities of Africa and South Asia and turn it into a fat profit for the merchant bankers.

This is the occupying force that David Cameron represents; they are his paymasters, his friends and his partners in crime. Just like the Gulf wars, David Cameron is not all he seems. He is the simulated Prime Minister, the political cover for the bandits in Armani suits. He may occupy Downing Street, but he will never be the leader of this country.

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  1. I'm fascinated by the use of the language of occupation here. Much to think about.