Monday, 21 February 2011

David Cameron: A liar, a cheat and a threat to democracy

Just over a year ago I blogged about how David Cameron was “the most dishonest politician”. I did not realise my words would be so graphically illustrated in the form of Cameron’s policy directive in the Daily Torygraph today. His latest decree is that all services should be privatised unless they are the armed forces or the security services. Like his policy on the NHS, this was not in the Tory Manifesto.

Why is this? The only answer can possibly be that David Cameron is a liar. He really is the most dishonest politician. The complete privatisation of all state functions is a huge and fundamental policy for any government to impose. The fact that it was not in the Tory Manifesto means that Cameron is effectively unconcerned with democracy as we know it. He is prepared to implement a change to which the majority of the public are opposed. If he is so confident that this policy is the right one, why did he not tell us that this was his policy before the election?

The answer is, of course, that he would never have been “elected” if he had done so. David Cameron is a dictator; cheat, a liar and a threat to democracy and the fabric of British society. It is the responsibility of the British people to remove him. Like we did in 1944.

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