Thursday, 21 April 2011

Destroying Teachers TV: Educational Vandalism

The government’s decision to get rid of Teachers TV is a deliberate act of vandalism which reveals a huge amount about the motivation behind their policies and the direction they intend to take.

Firstly it shows up their stated commitment to increase the quality of teachers to be a lie. TTV has helped both new teachers and more experienced ones over the years and has won over people, who, like myself, were initially sceptical. If something this popular with teachers is destroyed, how is that going to help improve their quality? The TTV website is even telling us that some of the videos which teacher educators have downloaded and kept may not be used after the 28th April.

The truth is that the government does not want good teachers. A well educated population has never been, and will never be in the interests of the Conservative Party and its big business backers. Gove’s action in vandalising a cheap and easily available resource to help teachers makes this abundantly clear.

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