Sunday, 31 July 2011

Yet another nail in the coffin of Rad Fem transphobia.

It is not as if the transphobic “Radical” Feminists need any more discrediting, “Rad Fem Hub” has done that job already. Sheila Jeffries’ transphobic rant has even raised questions of the sanity of those involved. Indeed her rant effectively marks the nadir of a campaign of hatred, which has seen many low points and has rarely climbed out of the sewers. Gendertrender's blog which reads like carpet chewing fascism has even tried to 'out' trans people by recording and searching the IP addresses of those who post on her vile blog, something which could endanger trans people's lives.

Indeed the well-known incitement to hate-crime, which Janice Raymond wrote back in 1979 set a low tone which subsequent equally transphobic rants adopted, based on conjecture and supposition rather than evidence or empirical research.

Once of those pieces of conjecture and theorising has formed the Rad Fem article of faith that, since girls are brought up to have lower self-esteem than boys by a sexist and misogynistic society, transwomen can never be real women. The fact that, despite this theory being around for quite some time, it has never been tested through research, suggests that, despite the Rad Fem hatred of transwomen being largely centred on this, the Rad Fems had little confidence in their own arguments.

Now, however, this crucial supposition has been tested empirically. A Swiss study, carried out in the US has shown that girls and women between the ages of 14 and 30 have no difference in their levels of self-esteem than males of the same age. Indeed the only differences in self-esteem were found to be culturally dependent rather than dependent on gender.

In other words, girls do not end up with lower self-esteem than boys as a result of their upbringing. One of the central arguments of Rad Fem transphobia has been comprehensively undermined. The entire theoretical basis for their hatred has been shown through empirical research, to be based on false premises.

This is not to suggest that I expect them to stop hating trans people. Their hatred has clearly become emotionally-based. It is as if Rad Fem transphobia has taken on the characteristics of a religion. The fact that the devil has been proven not to exist will not alter their beliefs that transwomen are evil.

One suspects they will scrape around to find some other theory, this time one which they hope will be impossible to disprove through empirical research. Meanwhile they sideline themselves as the rest of the world, especially other women, increasingly view them as some kind of eccentric cult which security services ought to keep half an eye on...


  1. The self-esteem argument always confused me, given that it's pretty difficult to grow up with high self esteem as a trans person. Many of us are aware we don't fit in from early childhood (whether or not we can identify why that is), and as such we don't grow up in the ways typical of cisgender boys or girls.

  2. This is a nice piece, but can I just gently point out that there is only one group that universally writes trans women as one word, and that group is radicalfeminists.



    See how putting both words together into a hodgepodge is designed to delegitimate both? They're in some ways "radical" and they're nominally and from some angles perceived as "feminists" but one never has to recognize their identified feminism or the radical modifier by smushing the two together.

    This is why I tend to think it's somewhat counter productive to write trans woman as one word. Because its composition is used to deny womyn their womonhood.

    PS That's another one. They'll never write trans womyn with alternate spellings if they write womyn with alternate spellings.

  3. Just read Sheila Jeffreys' rant on RadFem Hub. Whilst she is busy spreading her "transsexualism is unnecessary sterilisation" propaganda, the irony that she is herself childless is not lost on me. I guess her line of reasoning is "do as I say, not as I do"