Monday, 29 August 2011

Breakdown of who has set up the first "free" schools.

• Religious 9

• “charitable” trust in chains with academies 3

• Ex private school 3

• Private company 2

• No information 2

• Community 2

• Teacher 1

• “journalist” 1

• “Asian Trade Link” 1*

* Asian Trade Link claims to be a 'community organisation' It is suggested by local press that it will not have any premises available by the start of the school year

Propaganda in the media asserts that they are being "set up by teachers, charities, education experts and parents." yet only one is set up by a teacher, three by parents three by companies describing themselves as "charitable trusts" and none at all by education experts. This makes a total of seven out of 24 which are set up by the groups the propaganda machine is telling us are setting them up.

In contrast to the propaganda three are simply former private schools getting taxpayers' funding, two are being run by private companies and a whopping nine are religious. Despite the fact that these three groups of schools make up more than half of the total number of "free" schools they are not included in the headline description. (In fact the three set up by "charitable trusts" are effectively run by private companies in all but name). I know I have worked for one of them in the past.

Once again the media has (willingly?) allowed itself to be duped into making it look like "free" schools are riding a wave of parental activism, when in fact only three out of 24 are. It is time for the media to stop swallowing press releases about education without doing some proper journalism first.

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