Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A cry of help from Spain...

"Increasing transphobia in the Spanish government.

Today, the Spanish state secretary for social Wellbeing (?) and Equality (?) has made a public statement putting the  Autonomous regions in competition to see who offeres more, who cheaper, who went further, both in the health field, where the health portfolio has soared and we have from sex-change operations covered by the public funds to any type of implant and plastic surgery, as in social policy
This statement is the last call to transphobia after four days of a media campaign to show the gender reassignment surgery as one of the main causes of the unsustainability of the public health system in Spain, making us appear as a group of capricious people who take advantage of the public treasury to receive aesthetic surgeries that are not really essential to us, while the rest of the population suffers a lack of health services.

This campaign began on april 8th, when some radical media announced that “sex change surgery” will be retired from the public health system. This first statement was not very worrying as it was an isolated statement from a medic who is known to be Christian (IntereconomĂ­a TV and La Gaceta). On April 11th the conservative newspaper ABC, also announce the retirement of “sex change surgery” in first place, followed by other health services, emphasizing on the capricious nature of the “sex change” surgery.

In Spain, a state secretary is a member of the Government, almost the same category as a minister, and now we feel that we are object of a campaign to demonize us and make transgender people a scapegoat for the anger of the rest of the society. We are frightened, thinking that we can lose in few weeks not only the health rights acquired after years fighting, but also our dignity as human beings.

We think that we shall report these statements as incitement to discrimination and hatred based on gender identity, but we have no idea how could we do this, and we don’t have any funding to hire a lawyer or something like that. The main LGTB associations remain quiet and calm, as if they were quite comfortable whit this situation, but we know that the threat is real. Any suggestion or help is needed and welcomed."
Pablo Vergara PĂ©rez