Tuesday, 18 September 2012

11th hour appeal makes Danish authorities postpone expulsion of transgender asylum seeker Fernanda Milán. Asylum Activists are optimistic.

"A reopening of the case has been requested, and until the Refugee Board advises the  police about whether Fernanda will be in Denmark during the investigation, the police will take no further action over the matter. We probably have at least won a few days,” wrote the group on its Facebook page.

"The fact that the authorities have moved the expulsion of Fernanda shows that they recognize that it is dangerous for her to return. The only thing we do not understand is just why they did not go all the way and give her asylum immediately," says Emil Cronjäger from the support group, who continues:

"But we are optimistic because we believe that Fernanda’s case was mishandled in the first place, and that a review is necessary to meet the requirements of both Danish legislation and international conventions", says Emil Cronjäger.

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