Saturday, 27 October 2012

Farce, Failure and Fiasco - Prime Minister Mr Bean

He really can't cope can he? The list of high-level screw-ups by David Cameron, the man claiming to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has lengthened even further beyond those listed by Ed Miliband at the Labour Conference. Now Calamity Cameron strikes again, as he appears to be doing every week, with alarming regularity.

Over a year ago, I wrote in these pages how I didn't think Cameron was Prime Minister and events have proved me right. This is a man who, like the previous Tory Prime Minister, is in office but not in power. His latest wizzard wheeze; arresting the leaders of gangs in order to cut gang-related crime, has actually resulted in an increase in gang-related crime to the extent that primary school children are now being drawn into gangs in far greater numbers. Typical politician, he knew better than the experts...

Indeed I cannot remember any previous Prime Minister ever making such a fool of him- or herself on such a regular basis. One suspects that even Mr Bean would not have made such a huge number of glaring errors.

Of course, the more Cameron looks out of touch and out of control of the country the reverse can be said of Ed Miliband. On Leveson, energy prices, "plebgate" and a host of other issues he has clearly been pulling Cameron's strings, in fact he is starting to look almost as though he is in power despite not yet being in office.

The only thing that has saved Calamity Cameron from looking like Mr Bean to the bulk of the population is the sycophantic media. For example; the way the BBC almost entirely failed to report on the NHS bill as it went through parliament, has shown that the media is having to work overtime in terms of presenting him as competent, to the extent that it had to avoid reporting on one of his most important, controversial and costly policies. The media blackout on the collapse of Virgin Healthcare, one of the major pillars of cameron's NHS privatisation drive, has served only to illustrate this further.

One suspects that, had the media not also reported the fact that he kept from the Leveson inquiry a whole load of emails between him and Brooks and Coulson, now on trial for media offences, he would have started to look, not just ridiculous but more like one of those burglars who leaves the scene of a crime dropping his calling card everywhere. As we head towards the first ever triple dip recession, the only person looking less in control of events is his chum George Osborne. Nice one Dave, you're doing marginally better than the man who got roundly booed at an Olympic ceremony.

Normally us British have the consolation that, however bad our Prime Minister gets, at least he/she will be better than the US President. This is almost a cornerstone of the "special relationship". Since 2010 this has quite obviously not been the case, and, unless Americans are stupid enough to elect Mitt Romney next month Cameron will continue to be the junior partner, in terms of intellect, ability and credibility. Having effectively isolated Britain in the EU, with all crucial decisions now being taken by France and Germany, the UK is now also increasingly buffetted and blown about like a dinghy in an ocean storm. We are truly a rudderless country at the mercy of powerful international forces which the government is unable to influence, let alone control

So, as farce turns to fiasco, on an almost daily basis, it is time the media stopped covering for him. He is simply not worth it.

They won't of course, the media, run by wealthy right-wing vested interests, needs Cameron in place to keep Labour out, to keep Labour from instigating sensible economic and social policies. They need to keep labour from putting in place policies that will work against that tiny group of people who run the media and the large corporations. This is the real political establishment, the ultra-right-wing political and economic oligarchs who need to prevent a government from being elected which will end their highly profitable kleptocracy.

Just like John Major, they benefit from having a Tory prime minister who is in office but not in power, one that enables them to get on with the business of ripping off the 99%. The last thing they want is a government which makes the economy work for the whole population.

So this one will do fine as far as they are concerned, even one as incompetent as this one.