Friday, 28 December 2012

Initial response from PCC re: Transphobe Littlejohn story

The concerns you have raised relate directly to Miss Lucy Meadows the subject of the story. Given the nature of the story, it appears that it would be difficult for the Commission to investigate or understand this matter fully without her involvement. In addition, the outcome of a Commission investigation (whether correction, apology or adjudication, for example) would need her approval. In such circumstances, we would generally require a complaint from Miss Lucy Meadows or her representative, in order to take the matter forward.

It appears that we would have difficulty in pursuing this matter. However, if you believe that there are exceptional public interest reasons for the Commission to proceed with an independent complaint under the circumstances, we would be grateful to hear from you in the next ten days. 

Once we have heard from you, the Commission will be asked whether it wishes to take the complaint forward. If you would like to discuss your case before replying please do contact us.  If we hear no more from you we will close our file on the matter.

If, at the end of the process, you are dissatisfied with the manner in which your complaint has been handled, you should write within one month to the Independent Reviewer who will investigate the matter and report any findings and recommendations to the Commission. For further details please use the following link:

A copy of the Code of Practice which all newspapers and magazines who subscribe adhere to, can be accessed using this web link:

Peter Wright, who was until the end of March 2012 editor of The Mail on Sunday, is currently a member of the Press Complaints Commission.  However, as the Daily Mail, the sister newspaper of the Mail on Sunday, is the subject of your complaint he will not take part in any discussion or consideration of the complaint by the Commission.

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