Sunday, 24 February 2013

"Saint" Vince Cable, loses his halo.

Vince's treatment of the poor, students, the disabled, crime
victims, the elderly deserves better than this.
Today Vince Cable, now a potential Lib Dem leadership contender, especially now that Chris Huhne is on his way to jail, has, rather than distance himself from George Osborne's failure to retain Britain's AAA credit rating, covered himself with the same dirt, in an interview with the BBC.

In an interview that was little more than a rather unprofessional attempt to brush it all under the carpet, Cable argued that losing the triple-A rating was not so important. Suggesting that it was merely "symbolic" he described it as "background noise."

Interesting then that he has been part of a government that has justified extremely severe cuts in public services, including the massive hike in fees for university students that he promised he would never vote for, in order to save the AAA rating. Perhaps Cable could tell everyone when the retention of the rating changed from being "vital" and used as the justification for huge waves of cuts, to being "symbolic" and "background noise."

Will he now campaign to pay back those students who have taken on huge loans, will he now campaign to pay back those disabled people who have had their benefits removed, plunging them into poverty, further illness and in some cases death? Will he campaign to get EMA restored so that those young people languishing without either jobs, education or training can have their futures back?

Justifying cuts on the basis of retaining the AAA-rating was part of his government's excuse for;

  • slashing social services, 
  • lengthening NHS waiting lists, 
  • privatising hospitals, 
  • removing EMAs from the poorest students, 
  • closing Sure Start centres. 
  • making tens of thousands of people homeless by cutting housing benefit
  • cutting police numbers
  • cutting the pay of millions of public sector workers
  • forcing millions into dead-end jobs on poverty wages
  • forcing the unemployed into 'workfare' slavery schemes, which actually cost jobs
  • imposing a 'granny tax'
  • flatlining the economy and driving down productivity
  • plunging hundered of thousands of more children into poverty
...and plenty more besides. You have now heard it from the horse's mouth. According to Vince, much of this was unneccessary. If the downgrade was merely symbolic background noise then many of these cuts were not needed. 

Cable cannot have it both ways. Either the downgrade from AAA was a serious blow or it wasn't. Or to put it another way; either Cable was lying two years ago, or he is lying today. 

Which is it Vince?

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