Tuesday, 20 August 2013

ACTION: Transphobia in Schools

The Tories have deliberately excluded trans children from its inclusion statement for the final draft of the National Curriculum. This appears not to be an oversight but a deliberate decision.

In the February 2013 the draft National Curriculum document included "gender identity" as part of its inclusion statement;

https://www.education.gov.uk/consultations/downloadableDocs/National%20Curriculum%20consultation%20-%20framework%20document%20(2).docx (Page 9 section 4.2)

The Final version, published in July excludes "gender identity" entirely, it has quite simply vanished;

https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/210969/NC_framework_document_-_FINAL.pdf (Page 8 section 4.2)

As such it must be assumed that this is a deliberate exclusion rather than what trans people have become used to, being excluded through thoughtlessness. As such it is difficult to come to any conclusion other than that it is deliberate transphobia. The category "gender reassignment" is enshrined in the Equality Act 2010 and by excluding it as a conscious act, the DfE appears to be attempting to harm the interests of transgender children.

I have just made the Freedom of Information request to the DfE;

"The final version of the new National Curriculum, published in July, in its "Inclusion" section on P 8 (section 4.2) excludes "gender reassignment" whereas this aspect of diversity was included in the Feb 2013 draft version. Please could you send me the minutes of the meeting at which the decision was made to exclude this protected characteristic and please could you also send me a copy of the Equality Impact Assessment made prior to the exclusion of this protected characteristic. Please also send me copies of all emails, memos, discussion documents or protosals in which the exclusion of "gender reassignment" was discussed, mentioned or proposed."

If anyone can think of anything to add their FOI page is here;


I would suggest everyone to write to their MP and as him or her to ask Michael Gove. Secretary of State for Education why he has excluded "gender identity" from the final version of the National Curriculum inclusion statement, and if he will ensure that it is re-included. You can write to your MP here;


This does not appear to be an oversight but represents a deliberate act of transphobia, we cannot allow trans children to be excluded from school life, it is vital that they are included in everything to do with schools.

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