Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The most chilling newspaper editorial ever written.

The one thing you can rely on with the Tories is that you can always tell what their real policy priorities are by listening to what they say. However it is not quite a simple as it appears; you can tell what the Tories main policy aims are from the opposite of what they are saying.

So when Michael Gove made a speech a couple of months ago against homophobia (but not transphobia) in schools, this was the forerunner of the huge number of his academies adopting homophobic policies. He gave them the freedom to adopt their own policies, so he has to take responsibility when they do so. The silence from Gove on this has been deafening.

When the chancellor, George Osborne tells us "we are all in this together" you know we are definitely not in it together; the rich have become immensely more wealthy since 2010, boosted by his tax cuts and wilful reluctance to collect billinos of pounds in taxes owed to the nation from the wealthiest companies. The rest of us get poorer, the 1% get richer at our expense.

So when David Cameron made a great show of championing a "free press" after Leveson, fighting to allow the billionnaire-controlled propaganda machine to retain its own toothless and biased "self-regulation" system, one had a feeling that there would be more to this than met the eye. It didn't take long for this to be revealed. Today the editor of the Guardian published what has to be the most chilling editorial ever written by the editor of a newspaper. In it Alan Rusbridger described how government agents entered the Guardian's HQ and ensured that hard drives containing data about NSA and GCHQ surveillance of ordinary people worldwide, through the internet, were destroyed. Cameron talked press freedom whilst attacking the Guardian's reporting on how his government is watching us. There can be no greater hypocrisy. Over Leveson Cameron talked press freedom, yet only a few months later he was sending his goons in to destroy the evidence of how his government has talked freedom and "rolling back the state" whilst in fact it has greatly increased state interference in areas where the state should not go; everyone's personal emails, social networking and internet activity. Ask a Guardian reporter or David Miranda whether, as William Hague infamously asserted "The innocent have nothing to fear."

These are important issues concerning freedom and personal liberty and state transparency, things which Cameron was all talk about just before the election. All talk and no trousers apparently. He has made no comment at all about these crucially important issues, indeed all we have heard from him is that his back is too bad to go deer hunting. This is not just a disingenuous silence on his part (have you noticed how Cameron, Gove, Osborne etc never speak about issues like this, they just shut up and ignore anything about which they could be criticised) but a rank cowardice. I said three years ago that Cameron was not the Prime Minister, that view has been greatly reinforced, he is simply a leader of a despotic cabal of the rich and powerful who wish to use state apparatus (while saying they are anti-state) to crush dissent and make themselves richer at our expense.

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