Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Good News: Success in Thessaloniki...!?

I have just received this email via TGEU from a transactivist in Greece;

"As a follow up of the situation of last months in Thessaloniki (systematic pogrom against trans women from police), we would like to give you some info.
Until 21st of July that we managed to have a meeting with the head of police of Thessaloniki, the pogrom have stopped. We had only sporadic persecutions (at the beging of September) of 2 trans women, but it was not in the systematic way of massive detentions, and the attitude of the police has totally changed.
Also yesterday, two representatives of Greek Transgender Support Association had a meeting with Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr Boutaris.
We had a totally agreement with Mr. Boutaris about the persecutions of trans women. He said that it is not accetable, and that he will talk with head of police of Thessaloniki.
The other subject was the discriminations and exclusions that transgender people face - mainly in work and employment.
He promised that he will do his best in this directions, and also, he promised that he will do everything he can for the employment of trans people in Municipality (to be more specific he told us word for word: "I will employ a trans person in my office as an example of good practice to be followed").
At the end he told us that he wants to have the open speech of our TDoR event that we will do for first time this year in Thessaloniki, and that he is determined as long that he's a Mayor to be advocate to transgender issues, and to start a constant contact with us.
We hope that Mayor will keep all his promises."

This goes to show that, in many cases, the best trans activism is the quiet transactivism. Talking to people is usually better than shouting at them.

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