Friday, 18 October 2013

TERF silencing/harassment

As we have seen in recent months trans people who criticise or expose TERF actions are generally subjected to online harrassment by the TERF community. After being left alone by TERFs for a long time (a very good thing IMO), after publishing a blog post criticising TERFs for deleting their own material on the internet and then telling everyone that trans people are "silencing" them, I suddenly get a tweet from a TERF organisation linking to an abusive and defamatory page about me.

Other trans campaigners, such as Dana have had worse, including TERFs contacting their employers. The TERF community is now exhibiting how profoundy hyprcritical it is. The only reason for this harassment is to threaten us into silence, in the same way some TERFs have been threatening some of us into silence by sending solicitors' letters to trans people who criticise them.

It seems that whilst being "trans-critical" (the TERF euphemism for 'transphobia' or 'trans-hatred') is OK, exposing the activities of the TERF community is not. They simply cannot tolerate us exposing their "arguments", activities, obsessive hatred and unintelligent belligerance. They say they want to "debate" about trans people, yet there has never been any debate on their side, only aggressive harassment and abuse.

What a pathetic group of people.

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