Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Trans children in Denmark

This is my translation of a recent FB post by the mother of a trans child in Denmark, heartbreaking...

“My 6 year old daughter goes to a school where there are at present swimming lessons here in the nursery class .
Which of course should be a good thing , however, we have learned that the swimming pool has informed the school that my daughter can not attend with her girlfriends. Because she has gender identity disorder, she is biologically a boy but lives like and identifies as a girl.
It would be incredibly demeaning to have to change with the boys and it would probably also be a breeding ground for bullying.
Basically I do not understand the requirement that one should follow one's biological sex changing rooms but if that is the requirement , there should also be an option for those for whom using these changing rooms it is not possible.
I simply can not understand that it is not possible to provide a changing facility for her, like a disabled changing room.
All I see is unnecessary discrimination of a little girl who does not understand why she cannot go to swimming with her friends.”

As we can see the problems for trans children are largely caused by adults and their ignorance. It is likely that these problems for her are caused indirectly by the attitudes or percieved attitudes of the parents of other children. I have met this little girl and her mother, and she is just a normal little child who loves everything little girls love. She was wearing a princesses outfit and enjoying the warmth of her mother's hugs and there was absolutely nothing masculine or boyish about her. It is heartbreakig to see this happen and we need to ensure that the attitudes of bigoted and narrow-minded adults stop harming other people's children.

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