Sunday, 18 May 2014


Time to take the latest quiz, what kind of UKiP voter are you. Simply read through the list and tick all that apply. You can tick as many as you want

A) Racist
B) Homophobic/transphobic
C) Misogynist Wanker
D) Stupid
E) So ignorant of politics I think UKIP are genuine mavericks
F) General hater/antisocial scumbag

G) Billionnaire who wants to distract from the crisis I have caused

H) Gullible moron

I) Still dumb enough to believe that the UK can be truly independent and not controlled by unelected multinational companies.

J) Multiple deludinoid

K) Old school fascist/Nazi
L) Islamophobe
M) Xenophobe (look it up!)
N) Former BNP supporter
O) So stupid that I think it is fun to vote for an idiot.
P) I don't care about the EU but I'm a racist, transphobic, sexist, homophobic bigot and will vote for similar people.
Q) I don't care about the EU but want to get rid of rights to strike, sick pay, maternity leave, equal pay for women, paid holidays, weekends, the NHS and basic human rights in the UK.

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