Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Why I will no longer be funding the BBC

There, I've done it; I've cancelled my direct debit for my TV licence. I am no longer going to pay for the BBC. That's £145.50 a year better off I will be; quite a lot of DVDs (even more if I sell them on afterwards on Ebay). The TV is gone, it is mostly boring anyway.

The reason for making this decision is that I have decided that I can no longer allow my hard-earned money to support an organisation which is so clearly acting against my interests and the interests of my partner. The BBC's enthusiastic cheerleading for the far-right wing racist party Ukip with no balance and no sense of social responsibility is unacceptable. The BBC has clearly lost all balance and appears more like Fox News every time I see their webpage. This is the broadcast version of the Daily Mail or the Murdoch Media (except the Mail and the Sun have actually been less biased in their coverage than the BBC). 

I am an openly trans woman and my partner is Japanese and we are both under threat from these fascists. It is a matter of record that Nigel Farage is a racist; Alan Sked, the founder of Ukip has said Farage said this;

 "'There's no need to worry about the nigger vote. The nig-nogs will never vote for us.'"

Farage's denials might sound reasonable if he had not gone on to make racist comments about Romanians a few days ago on the radio. Once, he may be able to get away with it, but not twice, only Ukip voters are that gullible, racist or wilfully deaf to racism enough to let it go twice. This matters because every time a racist party like his gains political traction we get shit, rotten eggs, rubbish and worse thrown at our front windows. I have no doubt that legal protection for trans people and LGB people will disappear if Farage gets any real power in this country. Ukip is a party acting very much against my interests and those of my partner, and as its principal cheerleader the BBC is acting to harm my interests. I will always do my best to avoid funding any organisation that works against my interests whether it be a company that funds the Conservative Party or one that helps racists spread their racism and make it appear acceptable.

The principle of a public-service broadcaster is good; we need to have some balance to stop the right-wing media, owned or funded by the rich, from distorting the facts and ignoring legitimate agendas of the left, however this is no longer happening in the case of the BBC. It is pandering to the right-wing and its right wing bias is manifest like never before.

The BBC is no longer fit for purpose.

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  1. I hadn't considered that the BBC is actually cosying up to UKIP, but was merely showing excitement at the possibility of a new player on the political stage.

    That the BBC isn't condemning UKIP's racist, homophobic and sexist outbursts is worrying, though - any other political party member saying such things would be leapt on with both feet.

    Maybe you're right.