Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Vigo's interview with Raymond.

Our feminism would make sense
- if it wasn't for those pesky trans people
Janice Raymond is widely believed by many trans people to have caused the deaths of hundreds, possibly thousands of trans people in the United States. An obvious choice then to interview about trans people.

Trust me, don't waste your time reading it; 45 minutes of my life I will never get back. Do however keep an eye on the Transadvocate for a detailed critique of this drivel and some factual historical accounts of actual TERF (or as Vigo calls it "gender critical") violence against trans people.

Evidence-free misrepresentations, putting words into other people's mouths, glossing over the violence meted out to trans people by TERFs. The usual fare we are used to in TERF writing

Incidentally, I wonder why two "academics" have to resort to a lengthy article in a self-styled "underground" internet blog rather than publishing peer-reviewed articles.
Have you been morally mandated out
of existence yet...?

Instead of reading this drivel, This video is a hundred times more productive.

As are these two videos.

And in contrast here is an actual trans person talking sense.

I for one have much more important things to worry about than this rehashed rubbish. Here are two of them;

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