Monday, 2 February 2015

Darren Johnson: More Green Party Transphobia

The Green Party really has a profound transphobia problem, and it appears to be getting worse. Previously problematic attitudes have been exhibited by;

  • Parliamentary candidate for Cambridge and significant party donor 
  • another Green party tweeter (who is now described as having “left the party”), 
  • the Cambridge Young Greens and 
  • another prominent former parliamentary candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn

All these have shown how transphobia in the party runs deep and, I suspect, hidden in those depths there lurk more.

The latest example of Green Party transphobia appears to be coming from one of their London Assembly Members, Darren Johnson, who seems to be encouraging TERFs and TERFism. He is joining in with spreading the fiction that “TERF” is silencing genuine critical debate about gender. 

He seems to be ignoring the fact that this “gender critical” debate is entirely about attempts to delegitimise trans people by people who wish to harm us, and in some cases wish to see us dead. If Darren Johnson thinks my life, my existence or my identity as a trans woman are up for debate he really doesn't have a clue about what it means to be a trans person. 

He is now receiving the plaudits of some of the web’s worst transphobes and, like Read, appears to support their efforts to delegitimise, and consequently harm, trans people. This matters because, as Caroline Lucas has admitted today the main purpose of the Green Party is to influence Labour. This is extremely worrying.

The Green Party clearly has a problem with transphobia that is much more profound than they would like to admit. For a party that has marketed itself as more trans-friendly than the others one can only regard these attitudes as invalidating these policies and this supposed trans-friendliness. It is all very well for a party to project “trans-friendly” policies but unless the membership, and elected representatives of that party support those policies and are prepared to implement those policies, they are just so much hot air. I can't imagine these Green Party members supporting proper anti-discrimination policies in any sense.

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