Sunday, 22 March 2015

Grant Schnapps and Afzal Amin: Tory deception and double standards.

In the last few years politics has had to deal with more than its fair share of dodgy characters and the Tories more than most, indeed the Tory sleaze that was rife at the end of the last Tory government led by John Major is now evident at the fag end of the current one. From David Cameron’s appointment of criminal media man Andy Coulson a couple of years ago to Grant Schapps' and Afzal Amin's antics this year, the Tory party shows its true colours once again. This is the kind of thing that has led to “new” political parties popping up pretending to be “different”, “anti-establishment” and wanting a “new kind of politics”. In fact of course these parties are none of these, and trying to convince the electorate that their kind politics is any different from any other kind of politics represents a significant deception in itself.

But let’s just recap on the current Tory fiasco; Schapps lied about continuing to work for his company after being elected an MP. In my opinion this isn’t just “screwing up” as Schapps has tried to obfuscate, it was deliberate. You don’t do something like that accidentally. You don’t miss being elected to parliament and then “forget” to stop doing your other job. Worse though was Schapps’ subsequent cover-up. It looks like he threatened to sue a, relatively poor, Labour councillor for saying publically that Schapps was working after being elected as an MP. To me this looks like bullying and an abuse of power from Schapps’ wealth. As a constituent Dean Archer had every right to make known to other constituents and electors, what their MP was doing. 

So it seems to me that Grant Schapps wanted to deceive electorate in order to get elected. Meanwhile Afzal Amin, Tory candidate for Dudley seems to have been caught bang to rights trying to…deceive the electorate in order to get elected. He was summarily suspended from the Tory party pending a fuller investigation. Now I’m not saying that all Tories want to decieve the electorate, I’m sure there are some who are honest, but by trying to get the EDL to say they are going to stage a demo outside a mosque and then pretend to get it stopped seems me to represent trying to get elected under false pretences.

So why have these two Tories been treated so differently? Amin has instantly been told to “fess up and leave” the party, whereas Grant Schapps seems to be under no pressure and is going nowhere, despite the revelations about him. Why can Schapps, in a much more senior position than Amin, get away with what he has done and Amin be out on his ear pretty much as soon as the story breaks? What is going on in the Tory party for these double standards to function so blatantly...?

One further complication. Who was the person that suspended Amin from the Tory party…?

Party Chair; Grant Schapps…

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