Monday, 9 March 2015

TERFs; more fanatical, and less credible than ever…

TERFism - sorry… “gender-critical feminism” took another nose-dive yesterday in terms of its credibility. They doxxed a trans woman in their rage at the decision by Planet Fitness in MIdland Michigan to send an apparently transphobic woman packing when she complained about the presence of a trans woman hanging up her coat and bag in the ladies changing room. This is grist to the mill for TERFs, it is their big thing; ultimately their aim is to prevent trans women using women’s toilets. An oppressive measure designed to harm trans women and dramatically reduce our freedom.

The TERFs doxxed the trans woman, someone who had done nothing wrong and who was simply using the gym like other customers. Another gym user complained about her hanging her coat and bag in the ladies changing rooms, and this is what the TERFs have been getting steamed up about. Yet, as usual with TERF rhetoric it doesn’t bear even the slightest close examination; according to Planet Fitness it was the  “manner in which her concerns were expressed that club management felt was inappropriate, which resulted in the cancellation.”

Doubtless the TERFs will claim this cis woman had her membership revoked for complaining, but this is just a typical TERF fabrication of the kind we have got used to (honestly if they said the sky was blue, I would look out of the window to check). Obviously I am not privvy to the nature of the way she complained, whether it was hard transphobic bigotry or ugly rudeness to staff or both, we will probably never know. What we can be sure of however is thst she was not barred because she complained, since  Planet Fitness, like any successful business say they “welcome all feedback from members.” Doubtless this will be lost in the red-faced screams of the TERFs.

However the TERFs have gone even further; they doxxed the trans woman by taking a picture of her at a moment when she had to detransition. Some trans people have to do this on occasion, they detransition because their families do not accept them as trans people. It is a terrible thing to have to do but necessary if these trans people ever want to see their parents, sometimes their children or other family members. Sometimes it is their only option, such is the state of transphobia in our society.

That the TERFs have decided to make their fanatical political capital out of this state of affairs is indicative of their methods and ideology. Let us be clear, when trans people have to detransition in order to retain any connection with their families, that is a direct result of our society’s transphobic culture. It is sickening and very revealing that the TERF community uses this as a means of trying to delegitimise a trans woman. 

This brings me to the main point of writing this; the way TERFs consistently try to call themselves “gender critical” feminists (that’s when they are not dishonestly claiming to be speaking for “women” or “feminists”). There is no “critique” of gender in what they have done to this woman, no critique of gender in their shrill rage, only abuse, lies and harassment. Yet people like Bea Campbell claim, in national mainstream media, that the TERFs have a legitimate discourse which is suppressed (or, to use their alarmist vocabulary, “censored!”) by student unions’ women’s groups no-platforming policies. Yet here we have an example of what people like her would describe as “legitimate discourse” and it is empty of any material that can be sensibly debated or discussed.

What this incident illustrates is how dishonest are the TERF clams to have valid arguments which deserve to be democratically debated in universities. They have never had anything “critical” of gender to argue, they only have abuse, lies and harassment. Young trans people coming out for the first time at university deserve to be protected from these haters spreading such deliberate misinformation about them.

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