Saturday, 18 April 2015


A very quick blog before I go out and canvas for the Labour Party today.

Katie Hopkins latest Nazi rant in the Sun (yes it was just like Nazi oratory from the 1930s) once again seeks to divide and rule, to dehumanise and to portray other human beings as a disease. Her words are designed to be deeply offensive and she comes from a long line of deeply offensive rightwing ranters like Littlejohn and Melanie Phillips; people who make their living out of being deliberately offensive.

Yet we need to step back from the vileness and hatred expressed in her obnoxious tirade and ask why.

Why is Rupert Murdoch giving this woman space in his newspaper? Why does a rightwing neoliberal multibillionaire need someone like her to attack other human beings?

The answer is twofold.

Firstly, business as usual for the Global Neoliberal Establishment (GNE), they are only able to sustain their economic hegemony by divide and rule. This is part of their quotidian everyday propaganda that they need to churn out to maintain their unfair advantage and exploitative dominance.

Secondly it is a classic manifestation of “look over there!” Rupert Murdoch wants to distract you from other things, depending on your gullibility level and political instincts he wants you either to spend time hating foreigners life a disease or to spend time hating Katie Hopkins. Either way he wins.

So what are the things he (and people like him) want to distract you from?

  • The NHS crisis (which the BBC deliberately edited out of the TV debate last week)
  • Zero-hours contracts
  • The racket of schools privatisation (which rivals the extprtion rackets of any mafioso)
  • Low-pay and poverty wages
  • High fees for university students
  • The lack of training and opportunities for young people
  • The housing crisis; high rents and the impossibility for young people ever to become home owners.
  • The deficit which has ballooned under Cameron
  • The scandal of tax avoidance by the super-rich

This is what he is doing. The next three weeks up to the election will be the media vs the Labour Party. The media, from the BBC to the Telegraph and the Sun will be looking to do four things;

They will paint David Cameron in the best possible light on every occasion.

  • They will select for publisction stories that are advantageous to the Tories and deselect those that are advantageous for Labour.
  • They will continue to subject Ed Miliband to personal attacks (something the Green Party has joined in with now).
  • They will subject Labour to microscopic scrutiny while pixelating the Tories.
  • They will seek to focus attention away from the issues I have listed above, especially the NHS.

So what’s the best way to get back at Hopkins, Murdoch and the rest of the GNE and their lackeys in the propaganda machine that our "media" has become?

Talk about the NHS, Zero-hours contracts, housing, tax avoidance, low pay, etc. That is what I am off to do now.

Stay strong and don’t let yourself be distracted.

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