Monday, 24 August 2015

A "Psychotherapist" writes...

This is a guest post from a retiring clinical “Teen” psychotherapist, Lyin Anderson who has spent the last 35 years treating trans kids according to her wonderful intuition under the guidance of 2nd wave feminist “mandating” theory, her story is similar to that of Lane Anderson, another retiring fictional psycho therapist featured in this blog.

“It is with regret that I pack up for my last day at work. I have decided that I can no longer work in this oppressive atmosphere after doing this work since the 1980s. So I have decided to retire on a full pension to my yacht and luxury condominium in the Florida Keys. 

Why has working as a psychotherapist suddenly become so oppressive? Well, ever since I started work in the 1980s and a young trans person was brought in front of me, I have been able to do what I liked. What I liked was Radical Feminist Reparative Therapy (RFRT). Essentiallly this means telling the parents to take her away, remove all her dresses and barbie dolls and force her to do macho, masculine things like football, baseball and fishing. Unless the trans child was a boy, of course, in which case they had to put him in frilly dresses and force him to wear make-up, play with dolls and fret about his appearance all day.

Of course I never called it RFRT, it was always dressed up in phrases like “questioning gender roles”, “managing life’s gray areas”, “intersecting interests”, “resuming contact with our critical thinking skills and reducing our growing sense of self doubt”, “fatal for a civilization”, “looking for ways to belong, ways to understand who they are in place and in time.” Those of us who have used RFRT get used to talking in vague euphemisms, ultimately they are all about Reparative Therapy.

What if the kids didn’t like that, what if they self-harmed or committed suicide as a result? Tough titties, these kids shouldn’t have been trans anyway, serves them right, because being trans harms women and feminists. We know this because Janice Raymond said so. She told us that transgenderism should be morally mandated out of existence, well I have done my fair share of mandating trans kids out of existence; RFRT works really well, either they become miserable cis kids or they die, pour encourager les autres. Job done. With people like me around no wonder there were so few trans kids in the 80s and 90s. 

Back in those days life was sweet and I truly felt I was doing my bit to defend the world from the scourge of transgenderism. So what happens now? Those fucking trannies start getting together and demanding to be treated fairly. They tell us what they want, they get protocols changed so that I can’t use RFRT any more, well yes I know RFRT isn’t based on any accepted psychological theory but it is effective in getting rid of trannies. Janice Raymond would be proud. I am told she helped the Republicans get rid of poor, black and hispanic trans people when she helped them withdraw trans healthcare, forcing them into dangerous situations where they get murdered. Well I mopped up the rest. Trouble is the psychology establishment is now saying we must listen to these trannies and that driving them to suicide and self-harm is no longer an acceptable treatment for transgenderism.

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? 

Next they will be saying these trannies deserve human rights, why soon they will be doing normal jobs, living normal healthy lives having normal healthy relationships and normal healthy kids in our communities and well then where would we be… I ask you?

Anyway, the situation has now become so oppressive at work, now that they are not letting me use RFRT any more, I’m going to have to retire. But days in the sunshine on my yacht will be scant reward for being unable to continue ridding the world of trannies. This really is a denial of human rights, my right to treat these kids as I wish is most important, and I will no longer tolerate being told by my boss to follow professional, clinical, academically evidenced guidelines.This is totally unreasonable and I will not stand for it. My intuition is much more valid than those.

At our final staff meeting last week I could finally speak up against this repressive regime, and I used all the euphemistic phrases for Reparative Therapy, the wide-eyed silence round the room was palpable. Somebody must have made a joke about these trannies because as soon as I left the room they all burst out laughing. Pity they all got the time of my leaving do wrong, but eating all that food on my own is something I enjoyed terribly."

Nb; Hans Christian Anderson (no relation) was a fiction writer

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