Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Police...

Looks like Germaine Greer has appointed herself chief of the newly formed Marriage Police. Yet another courageous police force regulating trans bodies and cis minds necessary to protect the world from the collapse of civilisation as we know it;

  • Mandated chromosome testing at every registry office, by the Marriage Police
  • Genital checking at every women's toilet, the "You're really a man because I say so" Police. 
  • Changing rooms and toilets policed for the slightest sign of gender non-conformity, something that appears to have affected more cis women than trans people so far. 
  • Sexuality Police telling trans people that they can only be repressed gay men or "autogynephiles". 
  • Appearance Police telling us that we are "too masculine" to be women, but then telling us we are over-feminine products of patriarchal shrinks.
  • Freezepeach Police telling us that we just have to shut up and enjoy other people's right to tell us who we are without comeback. This force has a Special Branch; the Hypocrisy Special Section to protect hypocrites from having their double-standards exposed.
  • Sex Police, in some locations to ensure we cannot reproduce.
  • Feminist Police telling us we cannot be feminists unless [fill in impossible criterion here]
  • Housing Police, making sure more of us are homeless than cis people.
  • Employment Police, making sure we are unemployed or underemployed, and trying to get us sacked.
  • Social Service Police, taking our children away.
  • Media Police, making sure we are always forced into a slanging match with a transphobe for your entertainment when we get on TV or the Radio.
  • Social Media Police, extended harassment, abuse, doxxing and outing online.

Of course society needs all these police forces, trans bodies and cis people's attitudes need policing firmly and robustly, where would we be without these thin blue lines...?

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Are you Paying Attention Cis People...?

The incident of the girl who was ejected from the women’s toilets in a Hull McDonalds is significant and exposes problems on so many different levels it is difficult to know where to start, so in no particular order here goes…

Transphobic Bathroom Legislation

The girl, a cisgender lesbian was thrown out of McDonalds after a customer complained that there had been a man in the ladies toilets. The girl in question Ny Richardson, was then asked for her ID and ejected from the premises when she could not produce any, after the police had been called. This is very relevent to the transphobic legislation being enacted in places like North Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi primarily targeting trans women. My guess is that not only are these repressive laws going to be difficult/impossible to enforce but most of those who will be accused of using the “wrong” bathroom will be cis women.

This is not an insignificant issue and demonstrates the problems of enforcement that police services in these states are facing, something they have admitted already.

Everyday Sexism

Ny Richardson was in a party of rather rowdy girls claim McDonalds, and they were ejected because of this. Well I have been in fast-food restaurants where there have been rowdy men plenty of times. Rowdiness is expected of groups of men, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this group of girls were subject to a considerably lower threshold of tolerance for rowdy behaviour than they would have been if they had been a group of say, male football supporters; “Boys will be boys, just a bit of high spirits!”

Transphobia and Misgendering

However the most revealing part of this is the way she made, not only the local papers, but national lesbian media for being misgendered. Trans people get misgendered all the time, I was misgendered in Costa Coffee recently, it pissed me off but it isn’t headline news. If it were the Evening Standard would have to devote a page every day to trans people being misgendered in London. The usual ignorant pundits in the media tell us not to get so uptight about being misgendered, both individually and as a group, yet when it happens to a cisgender person it hits the headlines. Perhaps some cis people who regularly attack us and misgender us need to think about this. What if you were persistantly misgendered, what if you were constantly told you are a gender you are not…? 

Welcome to life as a trans person. A trans person on social media recently posted this wonderful thought to explain how many cis people’s understandings of trans people need to develop. 

The fact that a cis person being misgendered - an everyday occurence for trans people - hits the headlines demonstrates that maybe the effect of being misgendered, while so rarely experienced by cis people, may have the same, or even worse, profoundly hurtful effects that it can for trans people. 

Time to sit up, listen and learn cis people, this is an important teaching moment...

Monday, 4 April 2016

Has-Beens PLC: Doing good business for Weldon, McEwan etc

Fay Weldon needs to be much more specific. When she declares that the battle of the sexes has been won - by women, she needs to indicate to which planet she is referring. She certainly can't be referring to this one, and the UK in particular, because once again reported rapes and sexual assaults have risen dramatically this year, women still earn 20-30% less than men and jobs which employ a lot of women generally have lower rates of pay and tighter supervision regimes.

As Laura Bates' project has shown everyday sexism and rape culture cast huge shadows over the lives of many women, with working class women more likely to be subject to sexual violence than most. FGM is still a crime inflicted on girls in the UK regularly, I could go on....

So to assert that the "battle of the sexes" as she likes to call it, has been won by women is quite simply wrong. Obviously if you are living the cushy chocolate-box life of an aging author maybe things appear differently. All her outburst has shown really is that she needs to get out more.

As for her her reasoning that trans women (or as she ignorantly calls us "men who want to be women") exist only because this battle of the sexes has been won, flies in the face, not only of the experience of the majority of women facing discrimination every day but historical and archaeological evidence that shows that trans people, including trans women, have been around for millennia, and in every civilisation worthy of the name.

One gets the feeling there must be a publicity agency out there for fading celebs; like Greer, Burchill, McEwan, and others I have forgotten already like that Crystal Maze person, whatever his name is...

"Hello, Has-Beens here....

Yes, Ms Wheldon we advise people like you on attempting to retain the limelight, yes...

Of course, I see, well we advise making a stupid misinformed statement about trans people Ms Wheldon.

 No, trans people, T-R-A-N-S people, transgender people. You'd better Google it.

Why? Well because not enough people know a trans person yet to know you are talking rubbish, no watercooler discussions about how ignorant you are, so you can get away with saying whatever you like. You are still guaranteed a headline though. Do you have a new publication to push...?

...I see. Thank you Ms Wheldon, Has-Beens PLC is always happy to help. I will charge it to your account.


Thank you...