Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Police...

Looks like Germaine Greer has appointed herself chief of the newly formed Marriage Police. Yet another courageous police force regulating trans bodies and cis minds necessary to protect the world from the collapse of civilisation as we know it;

  • Mandated chromosome testing at every registry office, by the Marriage Police
  • Genital checking at every women's toilet, the "You're really a man because I say so" Police. 
  • Changing rooms and toilets policed for the slightest sign of gender non-conformity, something that appears to have affected more cis women than trans people so far. 
  • Sexuality Police telling trans people that they can only be repressed gay men or "autogynephiles". 
  • Appearance Police telling us that we are "too masculine" to be women, but then telling us we are over-feminine products of patriarchal shrinks.
  • Freezepeach Police telling us that we just have to shut up and enjoy other people's right to tell us who we are without comeback. This force has a Special Branch; the Hypocrisy Special Section to protect hypocrites from having their double-standards exposed.
  • Sex Police, in some locations to ensure we cannot reproduce.
  • Feminist Police telling us we cannot be feminists unless [fill in impossible criterion here]
  • Housing Police, making sure more of us are homeless than cis people.
  • Employment Police, making sure we are unemployed or underemployed, and trying to get us sacked.
  • Social Service Police, taking our children away.
  • Media Police, making sure we are always forced into a slanging match with a transphobe for your entertainment when we get on TV or the Radio.
  • Social Media Police, extended harassment, abuse, doxxing and outing online.

Of course society needs all these police forces, trans bodies and cis people's attitudes need policing firmly and robustly, where would we be without these thin blue lines...?

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