Monday, 18 July 2016

Brexit and generational warfare...

Brexit: the generational war is taken up by David Davis

The new minister for Brexit, David Davis has lost no time in taking up the cudgels in his party's ongoing generational war. His apparently generous offer to allow people from the EU who are already living in the UK to stay after the country leaves, sounds good, on one level. Potentially no mass deportations of friends and co-workers. However the more one looks at the reasons behind this, the more it can be revealed for what it is, generational war on British young people.

The reason he is making this apparently "generous" offer is so that British people resident in the EU will also not be forced to return to the UK, these people are mostly retired or middle-aged people who have established themselves in places like France and Spain. Obviously, to his mind, having a couple of million of these people returning to the UK very unhappy that their lives in Europe have been disrupted by a government which professes a desire to keep state interference in people's lives to a minimum.

When I was younger, experiencing the fag end of the horrible Thatcher government and the dreary and pointless Major government, I needed to find work abroad in the EU. I was able to do that, in the absence of any work in the UK, because we were in the EU. I worked in Greece, Denmark and France (twice). It was a whole lot better than the dole in the UK. That possibility will not be available for young people growing up in the dismal grinding poverty of Brexit Britain. No option to find work in Germany like the workers of Auf Wiedersehen Pet. Stuck in the UK, probably in dead-end jobs, if they are lucky. Denied the opportunities to travel and develop their careers and lives in Europe the younger generation, already under pressure from their elders whose never-had-it-so-good lives continue to outshine the younger people who can barely afford the rents the older generation charge them to live I their homes.

Brexit is generational warfare at its most damaging and its most oppressive. Davis is currently commander-in-chief of the forces of oppression directed at the young since the Tories came to power. As with everything else this government has done, Brexit will harm everyone, but the older generations will be protected and cushioned by their representatives in parliament, while the hopes and dreams of the young are, once again, crushed by economic vindictiveness.