Sunday, 5 March 2017

Jenni Murray: Definitely not a Woman. Just a Bully.

The transphobia industry's Banality of Evil

Caroline, the woman who writes this blog, is adamant that women should always wear skirts, as does this woman. Claire is another woman who is insistent that women should wear skirts, not all the time but always at work. Karen Danczuk additionally thinks that women should accept whatever dress codes are in force at work, including being required to wear high heels.

This must mean that all women are of the same opinion, all women want women to be forced to wear skirts and heels, at least to work and in some instances all the time. Even Jenny Murray, who has just decided that all trans women are not women, because three misguided souls hold opinions about women’s appearances which are not entirely dissimilar to those above.

So if I am not a “real” woman then neither is Jenni Murray. She claims the identity of cisgender woman and, since she is therefore part of the same group as Karen Danczuk et al, she must therefore, by her own logic, not be a real woman either. Interesting since she has appointed herself chief border guard of womanhood.

However it is not merely the noun that is used to describe Murray that, by her own logic is wrong, the adjective is also misplaced too. “Brave” is the descriptor currently being bandied about to describe her attack on trans women, as the “courageous” writer of such drivel. Apparently she is “brave” because she is likely to be tweeted at by large numbers of trans people. Doubtless the risk of being called out and ridiculed by blogs such as this with a readership of a few thousand, is offset by the significant fee she derives from Rupert Murdoch and her pay from the BBC for hosting Cis-woman’s Hour, from the safety of her studio with a listenership in the millions.

Well I don’t think she is brave in the least, not in comparison with the thousands of trans women, most of whom live by considerably less means than her, who step outside their front doors every day to an increasingly hostile world, a world made more hostile by the widely broadcast media pronouncements of people like Jenni Murray. These are the truly courageous ones, the ones who, often living in difficult conditions, doing low-paid work, no work or sex work to keep the wolf from the door, are brave enough to be themselves in the face of discrimination, hatred, exclusion, violence and worse.

For Murray’s rant in a major national newspaper to be described as “brave” one has to stretch credulity beyond breaking point. As part of the industrial-scale assault on trans people it will increase the likelihood of trans women and trans girls being attacked. Just before half term we heard of the 12-year-old trans girl shot with a BB gun at school in Manchester. As a child who has the courage to face her attacker as part of a restorative justice programme, she has shown more courage in her little toenail than Murray will ever have in her entire being. And I know that worse has happened to other trans kids in recent months. Indeed there are trans children living in hiding as we speak because of bullying stemming from the negative media coverage pouring out from the Mail, the Times, the BBC and other “respectable” media platforms. This industrial-scale production of trans-hate is becoming so regular, so mindlessly churned out and so formulaic, by people like Murray, despite its obvious consequences, that Hannah Arendt’s description of the Banality of Evil is increasingly appropriate. “Bravery” is the wrong description for her. “Bullying coward” fits much more appropriately.

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