Thursday, 15 March 2018

Parasites; the evidence.

Last night, at a meeting held (probably illegally) in parliament, anti-trans activists claimed that trans women are "parasites" and a threat to "women's liberation" 

Now of course no evidence was supplied to support this ridiculous claim, indeed it is part of a long string of unevidenced claims made by opponents of trans people's human rights. But in this case the claim takes on a significant resonance, because of the man who was enabling them to host this event.

David TC Davies is an ultra-right-wing Tory MP. In my view his voting record shows that he is both homophobic and misogynist; here are some examples;

Here Davies voted against equal marriage. This means that he was voting against the rights of lesbians, whether cis or trans, to marry. This is a serious attack on women. Being able to marry is particularly important for lesbian couples (as it is for gay men) for a number of reasons not least of which is the right to be involved in medical decisions for one's spouse in an medical or health-related emergency. But it is also important from the point of view of inheriting and to have parental rights for any children, whether adopted or produced with sperm donations. It is also particularly relevant in the case of lesbians with partners who are not UK citizens, marriage is usually essential for foreign partners to remain in the UK. This is not insignificant and had Davies had his way many lesbian couples would still be living with significant disadvantages in relation to straight people.

But there is more...

David TC Davies voted against measures that would ensure that women are not disproportionately affected by tax and benefit changes. The cuts in benefits enacted by the Tories, and in particular by George Osborne, have disproportionately affected women. This is a man who has voted against protections for all women, but particularly against protection for women from poorer groups, who are most likely to be affected by tax and benefit cuts. According to the Guardian 86% of the costs of austerity have been borne by women.

But there is more...

Davies voted for measures designed to make it more difficult for lesbians to have children, whether by IVF or sperm donation or any other method, his opposition to same-sex couples, or single women (regardless of sexuality) having children affects men too but, as you can see, he specifically targets women with the "Fertility treatment requires male role model". This is pure, dripping, unreconstructed patriarchal oppression.

So when the anti-trans activists claim that trans women are "parasites" they are completely lacking in any sense of irony. They are working hand in glove with a man who has worked to deny rights to women, in particular cis lesbians but also to force women disproportionately to bear the brunt of economic hardship. 

This is the kind of man these "feminists" are getting into bed with, and, as one of my friends said; "Who you get into bed with shows what your desires are."

The truth is that, if any group are parasites, it is the anti-trans activists, and some may have other similar descriptors for a group that works with an active supporter of patriarchal oppression. They have collaborated with a man whose actions have support the oppression of women and whose actions really are a threat to women's liberation. 


One of the organisers of this event has praised David TC Davies saying; "Thank you @DavidTCDavies for standing up for lesbians" .

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