Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Issue is Transphobia

Hbomberguy's fundraiser for Mermaids did an awful lot more than raise $336,000+ for Mermaids, the inspirational charity that supports trans children, and in many cases saves their lives. It also provided, for an all too short a time, a free space for trans people and their allies to discuss the issues facing trans people in general and trans kids in particular. This is important and also very revealing. For the first time in ages online there was a space that allowed trans people and our allies to discuss issues and express ourselves freely. 

This was because the space was not managed, curated, edited, chaired, infiltrated, threatened or controlled by transphobes for once. It wasn't a "discussion" set up by the faux "women's concerns" hate groups. It wasn't a "debate" confected for broadcast media where an ignorant carpet-chewing bigot is set up against a knowledgeable and reasonable trans person or ally. It wasn't an "investigation" by a "journalist" member of the secret anti-trans media cabal, regurgitating their weird groupthink. It didn't include cheap glinning throwaway one-liner misrepresentations of trans people, it didn't have the constant dead-hand threat of having any phrase misused in mainstream media to mean something different from
what was intended. It didn't include voices of the faux "silenced" loudly claiming to be "SILENCED!". It didn't include cis transphobes retrospectively lying about being mistaken for trans guys when they were kids (back in the 1980s? Yeah right!). It didn't include protected Freeze Peach of the kind being provided by York University.

In short it was a conversation, a social media space which was, for a short period, beyond the control of the transphobes. And this is significant, not merely because it demonstrated that, despite the intense media anti-trans campaign (a propaganda wave that deliberately and systematically excluded trans people, yet which described itself as a "debate"), trans people have much more support out there in Real-World Land than the media transphobes think.

It also struck me (although I couldn't spend much time there over the weekend because I had a couple of other projects on the go) that the ultimate root for the discussions was not trans "issues" - we are people not "issues" - but transphobia, cisgenderism, cis-mythologization, trans erasure or whatever other anti-trans processes you might want to define. We are in the midst of a media-orchestrated wave of anti-trans hate centrally-organised by a shady clique of transphobic bigots behind the scenes who are then published by the likes of Murdoch and Rothermere. Bigots whose actions are carefully crafted to connect with social media to produce online bullying and abuse and which all too often play the player rather than the ball. 

That is the issue.

We urgently need to turn the "debate" away from "trans issues" and faux "concerns" and on to the issue of transphobia. Transphobia is the reason Mermaids exists and its life-saving work is needed to prevent children from dying. Obviously the anti-trans lobby wants to stop this lifesaving work, they would rather trans kids just quietly died by suicide like they used to, which is why their media campaign is so focussed on this wonderful charity. Anyone who says that, despite the general ineffectively of the biased media hate-campaign, trans people, especially children, are not being harmed by this propaganda, is being dishonest.

Transphobia is the issue; the rise in transphobia is a media problem and therefore we cannot expect the media to honestly engage in a "debate" about such issues, so trans people need to make space for this ourselves, in the same way hbomberguy did.

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